Private Tango course

Dancing tango is a quest for pleasure, during a tender and confident meeting with a partner. It can be an exceptional moment of inspiration, contact, 'letting go' while we share a newly acquired intimacy. Each person will express something, in a different way .

This dialog is of course silent, based on the music, the abrazo, the feelings and the experience acquired. Sometimes, it is as if the clock stopped !

Each tango is a journey to discovery ! The leading of your partner, the way to react, the musicality , the sweetness, the balance.
Each tango will reveal different aspects such as a new desire to please, a different flow of energy, a complete satisfaction perhaps !

You might see women dancing with closed eyes ; she concentrates on her pleasure to move according to his subtle indications ... When they walk together, seeming like one, moving elegantly with fluidity, in total harmony .

That is why tango is danced all over the world !

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Our plus points

  • Relaxed and warm atmosphere.
  • Many explanations, an easy tango, a professionnal methodology and 17 years of experience in teaching
  • Daniela is known as a person who has a personal scanner that helps her analyze and find solutions to any of your problems !
  • She shares with you many tricks for a good leading.
  • You wil not learn the steps, but also how to do them !