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Daniela was choosen to play the role of the tango teacher in the film "Tango Libre" of Fr.Fonteyne ( Nov 2012), Special prices, at Mostra of Venice and Warsaw . Best scenario award in 2014.

Do you want to know everything about tango activities in Belgium?

go and visit Peter's site : and/or

will give you a lot of information about tango, music, orquestras, poetes, dancers etc.
A very complete site, with lots of songs.

Would you like to listen to tango music ?

GO to the blog The golden age tango music represented by Biagi , Calo, Canaro , Carabelli, D Agostino, D Arienzo, De Angelis, De Caro, Demare, Di Sarli, Donato, Fresedo, Laurenz, Lomuto, Orq. Tipica Victor, Pugliese, Rodriguez, Tanturi, Troilo ....

A superb tango from Argentinian friends: Christian El Toti Marquez y Anabela Brogioli Tango Bien Pulenta en el club Sunderland, August 2013.

A fantastic milonga :
Tango Amadeus Vienna Tango festival 2012 , will provide you with a lot of information abt tango

All the secrets of tango in the book " Tango Zen ": Caminar y meditar, Chan Park (UK, SP)

National Tango day in Brussels will be December , 2014

A few thoughts about tango Tango is a feeling that is danced (Pablo Verone)
Waiting to be perfect before going to a milonga is reaching inactivity.
Be ready to loose your balance if you want it back./.(P.Crompton)