Private classes in Tango

It's time to learn this fantastic dance !

Give yourself the possibility of learning in a quick way the basics & the main figures of tango, either alone, or with a partner or with your friends ( max 6 persons).
Choose a time and place which is convenient for you, learn at your own pace ...
Ask all questions you want , and you will get answers !

Experience the feeling of connection and communication with your partner, explore your balance, and how best to walk and guide. Learn to dance with your whole body in private classes !

If you have no time for regular weekly group lessons, private classes is a good solution !
The supplement to pay for private lessons is only 10 E per person and you get 100% attention from the instructor

Her sensitivity, intuition & long experience enables Daniela to inspire in you - within a very short period of time - the pleasure of dancing ; you will soon feel at your ease and improvise your own way of dancing.

Private (or almost private classes) for absolute beginners, beginners or intermediate students of Tango Argentino.

Daniela speaks English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Greek ; she has a background in teaching and teaches Tango since 17 years !

She was chosen amongst the tango teachers in Belgium to play a role in the film "Tango Libre" (Nov. 2011)

Prices, registering and places

Private classes : any day - after 3 pm
call Daniela (pm) : 0495 457 557

Private classes are a bit more expensensive than regular clases but you learn 3x faster & better!
For 4 persons : 15 eur each - with a season ticket of 10 classses valid 12 weeks.
For 6 persons : 12 eur each, with a season ticket of 10 classes valid 12 weeks

Charming dance studio with wooden floor, mirrors and tango pictures .
Public transport : Metro Demey , tram 94, bus 34, 72, 344, Easy parking .

Your advantages

  •      Much quicker results !

  •      Private classes for 1, 2 , 4 or 6 persons

  •      Trial lesson before commitment

  •      Long teaching experience

  •      Easy access + easy parking